One of the most valuable experiences I've ever had has been working at, where the entire company has taken advantage of the Thinking Talents approach to Collaborative Intelligence. They even built the app, Thinking Talents, to help Levo users identify their own natural talents and use that information to guide their career choices and talk about their passions. 

Essentially, everyone is aware of their own strengths, as well as those of their teammates. It has lead to a mutual understanding of people's talents and tendencies, and has created an environment where it is possible to identify the best person for a project based on desired outcomes and who is on the team. 

Here are my 8 Thinking Talents:

Analytic: People with these talents tend to be concerned with data and facts, are very logical, and naturally arrange things. They evaluate, quantify, and identify what's wrong or not working:

  • Seeking Excellence - For me, excellence and efficiency is the measure -- doing the best with the least. Everything - people, processes, products - is judged by how to make it better.
  • Collecting - I’m great at collecting information, things, quotations, artifacts or facts.
  • Fixing It - I love to identify what’s wrong and repair it, or anticipate what might go wrong and avert it.

Procedural: People with these talents are concerned with processes, operations, logistics, tactics and repeatability. How it gets done is important. They seek orderliness, enjoy doing things right, handle details and planning, and have an awareness of time and deadlines.

  • Reliability - I take responsibility for anything I’ve committed to. I have a reputation for conscientiousness and dependability.
  • Get to Action - I prefer action and am eager to get things done.

Innovative: People strong in this quadrant are concerned with the future, newness, possibilities, strategy and big-picture thinking. They naturally strategize, look to the future, see new patterns and embrace new ideas:

  • Innovation - I love to create new processes or products. 
  • Love of Learning - I am motivated by learning and the opportunity to try something new. If I don’t know something, I will learn more about it and figure it out.

Overall: These are cross-quadrant talents, meaning that they can apply across any other quadrant:

  • Thinking Alone - I have a constant mental hum.. give me a challenge and I will take time to figure out the best course of action. I consider the pros and cons. I'm a good listener.